How to Choose an Endodontist

Patients typically are referred to a qualified endodontist by their general dentist. To choose an endodontist, carefully research and check his or her qualifications – number of years in practice and experience in performing root canals and other endodontic surgical procedures. Other factors to consider when selecting an endodontist are:

  • What types of surgical technology/equipment are used?
  • What medication and pain-relief options are offered?
  • What is the cost of treatment? Does the endodontist accept dental insurance or offer third-party financing options?
  • Does the endodontist belong to professional dental societies?
  • Does the endodontist teach at any dental schools?
  • Does the endodontist have a pleasing chairside manner, and is the office staff friendly, helpful and professional?
  • Are the office hours and location convenient? What are the endodontist’s office policies and procedures in the event of an emergency, especially after office hours, on weekends and holidays? If there is a referral network for emergencies, what are the credentials of the professionals involved?
  • What are the implications of taking medications for other medical conditions on the procedures the endodontist will be performing and the medications he/she will be prescribing?
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